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Every creature on the planet

Every creature on the planet is made up primarily of water, and the human body is more than 70 percent water. Considering this, it is natural to assume that the quality of the water we drink is going to have a huge impact on our well-being and health. The ingestion of water borne contaminants is known to be a major factor in current lotion bottles Suppliers epidemics of heart disease and cancer. The tap water we use every day in our households can carry harmful substances like chlorine, mercury, lead, fluoride and cadmium which gradually build up inside the body.

For that reason, some consumers don’t see filtration systems as luxury goods, but as necessary items. These are the main benefits of installing a water system in your home:Better Tasting WaterThe most obvious reason why people choose a water filter system is to remove the foul smelling elements including chlorine and bacteria that alter the taste of water. By using a water filter you can significantly improve the odor, taste and look of the tap water in your household. Moreover, installing a water filter system in your home will help you detect if your water is being contaminated as a sudden rise can be detected after a regular check. Environmentally Friendly WaterAnother benefit of having a water filter system is pollution free water. Bottles water is terrible for the environment, as large amounts of fossil fuels are used to produce and transport it.

Moreover, it takes two amounts of water to produce the bottle as it does filling it. Unfortunately, most plastic bottles are not recycled and end up in landfills. Lower CostCompared to purchasing bottled water, purchasing and maintaining a water filter system is cheaper, as cleaning and replacing the filters is fairly inexpensive. In a few years, the system will pay for itself. Considering the rising cost of bottled water, having a water filter will certainly save you money in the long run. Improved Health & Well BeingAlthough this is one of the most obvious benefits of drinking filtered water, many don’t realize just how important this factor is. A water filter system is the last line of defense between the body and the harmful substances present in tap water. According to the Ralph Nader Study Group, there are more than 2100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer in U.S. drinking water. Without these harmful contaminants, your body will respond better and will suffer from less infections and disease. Moreover, a good water filter system can selectively remove harmful contaminants while preserving healthy mineral deposits and regulating the water’s pH balance.

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