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Every creature on the planet

Every creature on the planet is made up primarily of water, and the human body is more than 70 percent water. Considering this, it is natural to assume that the quality of the water we drink is going to have a huge impact on our well-being and health. The ingestion of water borne contaminants is known to be a major factor in current lotion bottles Suppliers epidemics of heart disease and cancer. The tap water we use every day in our households can carry harmful substances like chlorine, mercury, lead, fluoride and cadmium which gradually build up inside the body.


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The Go Green movement

The Go Green movement and the expansion of the hole in ozone has trembled the world to its roots. Finally people are putting their blindfolds away and doing their bit for the environment. While every one is busy planting trees and using solar energy, we all chose to completely digress from one element that needs our undivided attention, selling scrap plastic. Plastic are majorly of two types; thermoplastics and thermo-setting plastics.  Thermoplastics are the kinds which can be heated, are malleable and can be moulded again. Basically, in common words, one can say that thermoplastics are recyclable. Thermoplastics include polythene,nylon...

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